Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I Will Design Heart Touching Book Cover And Ebook Cover

I am a professional graphic designer. There is one thing I have learned over the years, it's that the front page of our book decide the book importance. First impression is important for us you know better.
If you are stare for someone to design professional Ebook cover seek no more!
I’m the right guy for you! 

I will help you to design effective and attractive Ebook cover. My services are efficient, affordable and trustworthy. My selfless services will surely satisfy you. Working is my passion and I consider that hardworking is the way for progress.
If you are not serious about making your book attractive, this offer isn't for you.
I will give you many revision until you are not satisfied.If you are not satisfactory i will refund 100% .

I Will Create Ebook Design And Lead Magnet

Welcome to the world of the best ebook designs and lead magnet on fiverr.
If you are looking for a professional touch of your boring Manuscript into a beautiful PDF eBook for Lead magnet or eBook formatting for Kindle,book,amazon cover.Then you are came on the exact platform.
People say you can't judge a Book by it's Cover.But they actually do! 
That's why I'm here to design a book cover that'll be naturally attractive and spectacular to your customers.My cover will skyrocket and enhance your business.I will put together exactly the ebook that is on your mind.I will not make use of any form of pre-made templates for my clients because your money is essentially valued and it's deserve a professional designs.
I am Offering
  • lead magnet pdf
  • Ebook design
  • Book cover
  • kindle cover
  • create space
  • amazon cover
  • And also do related to this work.

Note:If you are not satisfied from my work then don't worry i will refund 100%.Client satisfaction is my First priority.
Please contact first before ordering to avoid cancellation.
Thank you

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I Will Design Premium Quality Logo Within 12 Hours


I'm an experienced graphic designer holding more than 5 years of experienced. I'm here to offer you, reliable, affordable, world class quality logo designs, using the latest trends. Logo Design, Cool, Modern, Professional, Eye Catchy.

  • Get Free Source File.
  • Unique and Premium Logo concepts.
  • Creative and Modern Design.
  • High quality professional work Experience.
  • EXPRESS Delivery ( In 24 Hours).
  • 100% Money back guarantee.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction.

I will provide you with modern, professional and 100% original Logo, whether you are an individual or a company. I work until & unless you satisfy.

I provide all kind of Graphic design like:

*Custom Logo
*Caricature/Cartoon Character & Illustration.
*Vintage Logo
*Water color Logo
*Branding (Corporate Identity),

also do the following designs
  • Business card
  • Website design
  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter , YouTube, Instagram Cover page 
  • Mascot

I promise your satisfaction & look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
So, let's start with me. If you have any question don't hesitate to contact me.

Don't Think, ORDER NOW

I Will Do 2 Minimalist Logo Design

Welcome to the world of Minimalist and creative logo design. This gig is the extremely talented graphic designer.
The logo is an unique identity for your business or brand and we understand its importance thoroughly, so fear not we will create an amazing extra-ordinary logo designs as per your requirements. 

What you will acquire from this talented Logo design:
  • Free Source File.
  • Ultra HQ designs
  • Minimalist design
  • Flat logo
  • Mascot design
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Premium and Dedicated 24/7 customer support
  • 24 hours express delivery
  • Total refund guaranteed 
  • All sorts of vector source files (AI EPS PNG JPEG PDF)

Furthermore, you can always ask for custom order and we will surely look after you. 
The League expertise in the areas of 
Minimalist Logo | Minimal | Flat | Modern | Mascot | Vintage | Luxury | Typography | Feminine | Signature | Custom Logo 

Seems Impressive? I am just a message away.
Let's Roll :)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Writing as a freelancer

Working at home as a author is one among the biggest work home classes. Being a contract author has historically been a piece reception job, and currently that acting at house is turning into a lot of well-liked, there are a lot of writers within the business. If you prefer to write down and have a decent grasp of English language, you'll ne'er be at a loss for the work home writing jobs.
Starting your career as a piece reception author is as simple as performing some net analysis and applying for employment. There ar many ways to interrupt into the writing field, even though you have got no previous expertise. Online opportunities abound, and there ar still several writers World Health Organization keep completely within the print market.
While several writers dream of 1 day writing the good yank novel, most writers ar realistic in knowing that they're getting to ought to do another sorts of writing to get paid on a consistent basis. Writing for pay is usually, if not completely, done in the non-fiction genre. While often you'll notice contests for fiction writing or for poetry, these opportunities ar few and much between when put next to the non-fiction opportunities.
Writing from home as a freelancer needs that you just have a reliable net affiliation, smart communication skills and therefore the ability to be a self-starter. As a author, you'll be guilty of some time and your comes. There will invariably be deadlines to satisfy and new writing opportunities to undertake. You will be chargeable for equalisation your writing with the remainder of your life. You must even have the power to analysis a large type of topics. As you settle for assignments, you’ll be challenged to find out regarding and pen topics that you just might have very little expertise in.
Freelance writing from home will break down into 3 specific areas: writing for print, writing for the online and blogging. Although blogging is technically writing for the web, there are many distinctions that make it different from other web writing opportunities.
Writing for print is what individuals typically consider after they hear the term “freelance author.” freelancer writers World Health Organization write for the print markets ought to initial build a name as reliable and eloquent writer. If you’ve ne'er written for the print markets before, begin with smaller, local publications and then work from there. You’ll ought to notice an inventory of publications that ar acceptive “queries.” Queries are a combination of a letter of introduction and a pitch for a story idea. Most writers think about the Writer’s Market reference guide for lists of publications. The Writer’s Market has comprehensive info on a range of newsletters, magazines and other publications that are taking queries. Start with topics that you just understand the foremost regarding and take a look at writing some queries to urge yourself entering into the print market.
The only downside to writing for print is that the amount between after you write and after you get paid is months long. For many freelancers, this is just not feasible. Writing for the online, however, can meet their income needs and still allow them to write from home. There ar several classes of writing for the online. You can be a ghost for e-books or different net media. Many people want copywriters to supply content for his or her sales letters and websites. You can additionally provide your services to webmasters World Health Organization want contemporary content for his or her diary or account. The opportunities are endless.
Blogging is yet one more thanks to build cash as an article freelancer. Blogs are an ever-growing form of Internet media. Blog writers generally provide their own content. You can build cash as a freelancer by beginning your own diary and posting thereto daily. If you like to write down, you'll begin many blogs promptly and multiply your earnings. Once you become AN veteran blogger, you'll apply for blogging jobs and post for others.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Why Freelance?

Freelancing allows you to be your own boss. This means you make your own hours.
Wear what you want. Does your current job have a dress code? How will sitting in your pajamas all day sound; what concerning simply outlay the day carrying your favorite combine of tired jeans which T-shirt from that lingering 1980’s rock concert. If you're associate freelance agent, sort of a freelancer, then you choose the code.
Making your own hours doesn't mean inactivity around all day. It suggests that having the self discipline to line aside a particular quantity of hours that you simply work every day. But, because the boss, you get to come to a decision what those hours square measure. That approach you'll be able to devour the children from college, have lunch with the spousal equivalent, go to the gym during the day when it’s not so crowded, and never have to make that horrible rush-hour commute.
Being a freelancer means you get to line your own costs for what it slow is value. No additional waiting years for a raise that will ne'er come back. As you become more proficient and widen your client base you can double and triple your earnings as you see fit.
Have you ever thought-about living in other places however your job and family obligations keep you stuck within the same place. Freelancing offers you the liberty to require your family, if that applies to you, or just yourself and live wherever you want. As long as you have a phone, a computer and a way to receive mail, you can live at the South Pole or Hawaii and still have a lucrative freelancing career. Your home is your office. You can be sitting in a coffee shop and enjoying a scone with a mocha latte at the same time you are making millions of dollars.
When I was a baby my father perpetually told Maine that “nothing in life is free,” and “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.” In the case of freelancing the price is minimal. As you'll see in future chapters you'll want some general things like a pc, a printer and maybe a fax and scanner. After you have got the materials required to be a freelancer your greatest value are going to be it slow and energy. How much are you worth? The best half is that you simply get to come to a decision what it slow and energy square measure value.
As way because the rule “if it sounds too sensible to be true it in all probability is,” here are a few things to contemplate. You should not quit your day job immediately and hope to make $10,000 next month. Instead, begin slow and work your thanks to creating the cash you wish. If you are making the equivalent of your full time job and you have too much freelance work to do, then decide to freelance full time and quit your day job. If you're employed exhausting this method will happen rather quickly, so don’t be discouraged. The jobs are real. The money is real. The only investment is that the quantity of your time you're willing to take a position.
The marketplace for freelancers is growing in leaps and bounds. The future markets square measure projected to still grow at a similar fast rate. This means additional fantastic freelance opportunities and larger potential financial gain.

Thursday, March 7, 2019




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A referral is the result of a user registration with an referral link. For instance, if you refer 100 visitors to our site, you would have 100 referrals.

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